PerformancePoint – Effectively Disable Analytic Grid Right Click Select Measures Functionality

The Analytic Grid available in Microsoft PerformancePoint 2010 is a powerful tool for allowing users to dynamically explore data within a dashboard.  One of the features it provides is the ability to right click on left most column which contains the row labels and select measures other than the ones the designer chose for the original dashboard element.  This is great unless you really don’t want to give your users such easy access to other data points within your SSAS OLAP cube.

Googling for answers I found that we were not the first to have the desire to disable this functionality.

So we started exploring other options including cell based security in SSAS which has a known performance impact.  One side note here is that I found a great idea on how to implement security on the measures but without resorting to cell based security.

Finally, I found a workaround.  Unfortunately, it disables this functionality for the entire Sharepoint server.

Select Measure Control – Set the maximum number of measures to retrieve and insert into a dashboard Select Measure control.

In Sharepoint central administration, navigate to the services application settings and select PerformancePoint Services.

This defaults to 1000.  Changing it to 0 eliminates the functionality.


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