Business Intelligence Music Mix!

First EVER Business Intelligence Music Mix! SQL, OLAP, Data Mining, Computers, Geek Music. It doesn’t get any nerdier than this.  89 Tracks!  Includes great hits like:

Sequel – SQL
Data Mining – depth.charge
Binary – clammyhands
Byte – knightsofficial
bit – BIT 8
Sad – Programmer
President Kimball – Caesar
A French Winter – Database
DMX! – SameOIG
Press My Start Button, Please – TimothyPatrickBird
Software Check – nottall
Code Monkey – Jonathan Coulton
Bytes in Motion – DesertcoastMediaGroup
Microsoft Vista “Cuzco” – Steven Ray Allen
Microsoft Sam – Jesse Tippit
Aggregation – wgramer
Estranged Apartmeant “Another Dimension (Integration)”
Slice & dics – Smokescreen dubstep
Different measure – d16group
Attribute – Philter
DSV – Mazz+X
Disaster Recover – Abnomally Sound Group
Jericho – DBA

… and many, many more!



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