Brian Roberts–Here’s Some FREE Advice on How BI Could Help Improve Comcast Customer Service

Anyone who follows me on twitter (@MikeRMilligan) probably knows that I’ve had some bad experiences with Comcast in the past.  So, when my wife and I decided to move into a new house, rather than mess around w/ their customer service and try to get it transferred; I made the decision to have her set up new service in her name at the new address in her name.  We’ve been at the new address exactly one week and after the second interruption of service, I called to get some credit for the account only to find that we owed over $100 and were past due almost $70.  It appears that they started the service about 20 days early. 

The realtor had actually called us around the middle of the month to let us know that there was a box from Comcast sitting outside the property.  My wife called their customer service then to let them know that she told them we weren’t moving into the property for a good two weeks and we would not be responsible if the equipment was stolen or damaged.

The first representative apparently didn’t like my pointing out that I had already entered the phone number and last four digits of the social into the automated phone system and decided to hang up on me.  I proceeded to their webpage chat rather than wait on hold again to try and get a supervisor to call me.  Once one finally did, she gave me the number to a payment center and then hung up on me as well.  I called the payment center and they couldn’t adjust my bill and suggested I speak to the retention center.  I called the number again and was automatically transferred to billing b/c of the past due amount.  They transferred me to the retention center which didn’t service Florida who finally transferred me to someone who is actually trying to help.

So, how can technology help Mr. Roberts improve Comcast customer service?

  1. When I type the phone number and last 4 digits of the SS# into your automated system it should pass that information on to the representative so they don’t have to ask for it again.
  2. The representative should start by giving me a case number and encourage me to write it down.  This establishes accountability on the representative’s part.  In the event the representative decides to hang up on the customer, the customer has more than a first name to go by when they decide to speak to a supervisor about the situation.
  3. Track how many times the same account connects to your automated phone system.  Once it detects that a customer has called 5 or 6 times, maybe it’s time for it automatically connect them to a supervisor?
  4. Have a way for a customer to send an email.  I don’t want to have to wait for a chat representative or a phone representative to correct your mistake.  I should be able to very simply write an email explaining the situation and know that I will get a response.  If you can’t do that, how about a snail mail address?  That’s what I’ll be using when I copy you and the BBB, FCC, and Attorney General on this blog post contents.

Ok, /rant off.  Mr. Roberts, I will go to bed tonight praying that Google Fiber or some alternative comes to Jacksonville.  Even if it costs twice as much and even if it were twice as slow I would gladly take it as an opportunity to fire Comcast.

If you want even more ideas you have my number.

In the meantime, please stop intentionally disrupting my service.  I’ll pay my bill; but, I doubt that I am past due after only seven days of service.


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